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The speed of innovation is matched by a growing number of complex public policy issues.
Technology can be a great enabler. It can help people to overcome limitations from disability or age so they can remain engaged in society.
Broadband, Communications, & Spectrum
ITI works to develop and promote policies that will advance deployment of next-generation broadband networks.
Protecting data, devices and networks from unintended or unauthorized access is a global imperative.
Data & Privacy
ITI encourages policies that foster innovation and growth, yet at the same time, advance individual expectations of privacy.
Innovative technologies are at the heart of increasing energy efficiency and to combatting climate change.
Environment & Sustainability
ICT manufacturers recognize that we have a critical role to play in promoting global sustainability efforts for products.
Forced Localization
ITI works with governments around the world to promote policies that enable innovation, trade in tech goods and services, and the flow of data ...
ITI advocates for high-skilled immigration reform that supplements and augments our extraordinarily talented U.S. workforce.
Industry Standards
Standardization allows innovators and the products that they create to speak a common language to each other and to consumers.
Intellectual Property
ITI advocates for policies that support robust, modern intellectual property laws.
Internet Governance
ITI strongly supports the multistakeholder approach to Internet governance.
Internet of Things
From online videos and photos to backup online data storage, cloud computing is an intrinsic part of our daily lives.
Regulatory Compliance
Meeting technical requirements to bring safe and legal products to the world’s consumers as efficiently as possible.
ITI advocates for investments that improve quality and participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.
Tax Policy
ITI advocates for tax reform that levels the international playing field to spark job creation and innovation throughout the U.S. economy.
Trade & Investment
Commerce is an engine for innovation, job creation, and global economic prosperity and innovation.